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16 November, 2018
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8 April, 2019
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3D models of standing seam zinc roofing details

In addition to the more than 500 Architectural Details available in pdf and autocad for facades and roofs in zinc available to you from elZinc, now you can check out our elZinc 3D Models.

The advantages :

A faithful and aesthetic representation of real details.

Each element in its layer for a clear view of its construction.

Related to the details already available on our website.

A library of 3D models in constant growth.

These models are currently available for the Standing Seam system for elZinc projects. New models will be added for other systems in due course – so keep a watch out for future arrivals on our website!

To help you complete your projects in elZinc zinc-titanium, we have designed a wide range of architectural details for elZinc products, as well as for the most popular installation systems (in pdf and Autocad format).