Dear Customers,

The impact that the coronavirus is having on companies and their workers calls for urgent extraordinary measures.
At elZinc we are working to ensure the entry of raw materials and supplies in order to maintain normal production levels and, therefore, the delivery of your orders, although there could be fluctuations in delivery lead times due to causes outside the company’s control.

The elZinc Management Committee has taken the following measures to avoid irreversible consequences for the company, its customers, its partners and its employees. Some of the urgent measures established to date are as follows:

1- Maintain regular production at its facilities. To this end, the work has been reorganised and the necessary supplies have been secured with the suppliers.

2- To suppress, in general, business trips for our personnel and the visits to our factory.

3- To establish a protocol for the truck drivers of the forwarders we work with, requiring them to come equipped with gloves and masks and to remain in the cabin or around their truck while the vehicle is being loaded or unloaded.

4- Set up a monitoring committee that meets daily, made up of the management, the workers council and the human resources department; which will evaluate the evolution of the different scenarios of the coronavirus for the company and its workers. This committee is capable of taking immediate action if the situation requires it.

We wish everyone a lot of encouragement and strength so that together we can get out of this situation as soon as possible.