Main features

elZinc Protect+® is a rolled zinc-titanium alloy produced  according to the European Standards EN1179 and EN988 and American Standard ASTM B-69, which is then coated on its backside surface by a protective layer of 60 microns.

This protective white layer allows the zinc to be installed over otherwise incompatible substrates, avoiding its corrosion.

Main application

  • Installation on incompatible substrates.
  • Installation on roofs which require a greater level of protection against underside corrosion of the zinc.

Standard measurements and formats

  • Widths: 500 ‐ 600 ‐650 ‐670 ‐1000 mm
  • Thicknesses: 0,7 – 0,8mm
  • 1000 kg coils

Other formats and dimensions are available upon request.

Working recommendations

  • elZinc Protect+ must be installed on a breathable membrane, and appropriate measures must be taken to ensure that water vapor generated inside the building does not reach the lower surface of the zinc.
  • In vented designs, proper ventilation of the roof must be ensured.
  • In non-vented designs an effective vapor barrier must be installed on the warm side of the insulation.
  • In order to correctly solder the material, the surface finish must be removed to reveal the shiny base metal below. To do this, elZinc recommends elZinc Flux, which has been specially developed for this purpose.
  • Fold the material with an internal radius of 3x the thickness of the zinc.
  • Fold the material with an internal radius of 3x the thickness of the zinc.


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